Question Weird bug: Random red and green dots flashing randomly all over the screen + random colors glitching.

Apr 14, 2020
This is a copy paste of a post I made on r/BattlefieldV. It didn't receive much attention and I'm posting it here in hope of someone helping me. Since then, I've played another game of the same franchise (BF1) and weirdly, the exact same bug happens again, but other games on my pc are completely fine. I guess it could be because of the engine used, the coding, etc. in those games. Anyways, here's the post:

So I've been getting this very annoying bug only in battlefield V (and BF1) where random pixels on my screen will glitch out and randomly flash red/green dots very fast. There's also another bug (which is probably related to the first one) where big surfaces of the map will change into random colors (red, bright green, light blue, blue, etc.). I'm playing the game with an Rx 580 8GB, a Ryzen 7 2700 and a 60hz monitor. I've never heard of anyone else having this bug, so I guess it's pretty rare.
Here's a couple of examples: The images of the first bug I explained are WAY worse than they appear on the screenshot. That's because they flash extremely fast and only a few appear on a screenshot. I've added a video example but it still doesn't show how annoying it actually is.
Edit: I've noticed how imgur downscaled the quality of the images i posted. This shouldn't be a problem if you're on pc and can zoom into the images. Sorry for the quality.
This issue only happens to me in battlefield V, not any other games. It happens in every map, every game mode (no matter which role I'm playing). It appears in places where my GPU has to render something (the whole map, characters, initial menu screen, armory background, etc.).
Here's everything I tried:
-Update windows
-Update all my drivers (EVERY SINGLE ONE)
-I tried changing every in-game setting (in the video section tab) one by one
-Reset windows (completely wiped out my SSD and HDD)
-Uninstall game, repair game
-Change every setting one by one in my AMD GPU driver (I have an Rx 580 8GB coupled with a Ryzen 7 2700)
-Enable and disable windows' "Full screen optimization" (Task manager > Battlefield V properties > Compatibility > Disable full screen optimization)
-Changed my HDMI cable
-Trying a different monitor
Nothing helped so far. I guess it could be an optimization or compatibility problem between Battlefield V and my video card.
I repeat, this bug is only happening in Battlefield V (and BF1), not any other game/application.
Thank you for your help.