Question Weird bug with wired connection??


Nov 23, 2016
Okay so basically I have 100 download speed. When i am casually watching streams it lags literally all the time, same when i'm in game I get weird lag. But when I go to download something on steam it always starts at like 900k/bs then speeds its way up to 10mb/s and stays full speed but if I pause the download and watch a stream it'll lag again, and then when i press start download on steam again it'll start off at like 1mb again and go all the way upto 10mb/s again after like 20 seconds of downloading I have no idea what to do its like my internet restricts me when i'm not downloading... thanks and all help appreciated


Apr 26, 2020
have you checked on task manager to see what processes are running that don't need to be. It could be something is bogging your system.

It can be a problem with your modem - check to see of the firmware is up to date sometimes providers don't have modem set to auto update.

It could be the connection of the coaxial cable
check the threaded barrel hold it up to the light and look through it if you can see through it replace it the connections loose.
***the chrome barrels with blue center are usually better than the gold ones you can buy at hardware stores.

Check the F connector on the end it can slip off if it was not a machine made cable, look at the end you should have a copper plated center conductor with white dielectric insulator around it,
if there are any loose braids present in the connection it will cause problems.
if the dielectric is not flush the the threaded collar the connection is unstable.
if the center conductor is nicked or bent you need to fix it.

also check the cable in the wall behind the barrel

If you are using the Ethernet port on the back of a router for your wired connection it could be the router.

If you want to contact your tech support from your ISP ask them to re-provision your modem and check the firmware if you are not able to check it yourself.