Question Weird burning plastic smell from the back of a LED TV? [closed]

Jan 7, 2020
I bought a Sony KD-55XF9005 BAEP 55 inch LED TV two months ago. A week ago I was moving the TV and I noticed that it has a smell of burning plastic coming from the back/edges. It's hard to pinpoint where exactly the smell is coming from, but it's definitely there.

I've read about this and some sources say it might be dust burning inside of the TV, but I have an old laptop which is full of dust, constantly overheating, but it doesn't have a smell (if it does, it's not nearly as bad).

The TV is still working just fine, does that mean it's not a short circuit, in other words - would a short circuit cause it to shut down? What could be any other potential reasons?

In general the longer the TV is on, the worse the smell is. Although the smell is still there even when the TV is turned off.

P.S. "Displays" was the most corresponding section for this question since I don't know what causes the problem.