Question Weird calls and data leak got me on edge

Jun 19, 2023
I recently started getting strange calls. Unknown number calls, no one talks and after a few seconds the call ends. My data has been leaked along with many others who used RentoMojo recently. I think this is related. It was a true hassle to deal with all the spam letters and calls, and change of all the passwords, but that is not the point.

I started digging into the subject, of what info about me and who can have it. And I found myself on Whitepages too. I’ve looked deeper into who has data about me and how to delete once and for all. Because I’m really pissed some company messes up and I have to deal with it. So I share with you steps on how to protect what’s yours.
  • Delete any online accounts you aren’t using. Self explanatory. The less accounts, the less opportunities to have your data leaked.
  • Delete any apps you don’t need. Again self explanatory. Apps often have your full profiles, credit cards. There are many cases where they got hacked.
  • Opt out of Data Brokers and People Search Sites. Write emails to the companies and request deletion of your data. If you think “that won’t be easy”, you’re right. You can avoid dealing with it, by paying to services like Incogni or PrivacyBee to do it on your behalf.
  • Optimize Google privacy settings. Go into google settings and check what profile they created on you and delete what’s too personal. By the way this helps to avoid targeted ads too.
  • Optimize your phone settings and restrict permissions. Simply put, allow only necessary permissions. E.g. The sudoku app doesn’t need permission for your contact list.
  • Take care of browser privacy settings and clear browsing history once in a while.
  • Make your social media accounts private if you can. Do you really want Susan from your school to be able to look at your photos? Maybe it’s time to cut those ties.
Do you agree with these steps? Do you have smth to add? Maybe you had a similar situation? Drop them in the comments.
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You can opt out of the white pages, but you could of been on there for a longer than you think, if you ever had a landline or even some cell phone carriers will post your info on whitepages, its suppose to be like a phone book, thats how a lot of scammers get your info and just call random numbers,