Question Weird circumstances where static electricity causes PC to black out

Mar 14, 2019
I first noticed that when the heating unit in my apartment would turn on or off, it would often cause my PC to black out for a few seconds before returning. I was thinking some type of power surge...

Then one time I touched my TV that is connected to the PC. I received a good static shock and it caused the computer to need a hard reboot even though I didn't directly touch the tower. I started thinking there was a build-up of static electricity in the apartment...

Then just a few minutes ago, I was going to the fridge to get a drink. I got another static shock from the door handle. You guessed it, the PC blacked out for a few seconds at the exact same time as the shock, even though the fridge is on the other side of the room and obviously has no physical connection to the computer.

What??? My computer blacks out from a static shock on the fridge from across the room? Huh??? I am at a loss where to begin to tackle this issue. Is all the wiring in my apartment so statically charged that any discharge from anywhere within the grid causes a surge that blacks-out my PC? Are all of my plugs not grounded correctly?

Help please!