Question Weird colored horizontal stripes

Dec 17, 2018
Heys guys!
I have had a very weird issue time to time and was wandering if anyone may have a solution. Sometimes when I use the TV in my room as another computer moniter I get these really odd horizontal colored streaks ( View:
). Now my screen isn't broken, since when it isn't used as a computer monitor, the screen is perfectly fine. My graphics card also shouldn't be the problem, it's a GTX 1070, and is has worked in the past to get an image (even games) to run on that screen. In my Windows settings it shows up as a Vestel 40UHD screen, I don't know the exact serial number. It is connected via a DP to HDMI adapter (DP output at the graphics card, HDMI input at the screen). The issue isn't consistent as well, as sometimes it just works, when other times it just looks like this. So far I've tried re-plugging in all of the connections and color cerrection settings on the screen and in the Nvidia settings, none of which have workedd.
Hope to hear from you, cheers.