Question Weird colorful shapes on the screen or stripes around windows in Win10

Aug 5, 2020

I have bought new Asus Rog Zephyrus with i7-9750H, 32GB RAM and nvidia RTX 1070 8GB. I use it for programming every day and the PC is connected to the external monitor. After the PC dim the display or go to sleep and I wake up the pc with hitting some key or move with the mouse there are weird colorful squares on the display or stripes around windows10 windows e.g. explorer, chrome, IntelliJ etc. The problem disappears when I move with the window or somehow refresh the screen with other window or display Desktop.

Usually the problem was at work but today I use my PC at home without external monitor and the squares was not a cheap PC and I need it for work. I had a lot of PC through my life and I know these problems were usually indication of bad GPU but I still hope it could be driver problem or something like that...I have everything updated (Win10 and nvidia driver).

Thank you for any advice!!