Question Weird constant buzzing noise from PC when playing a game!!!


May 27, 2019
Dear reader,

I have just recently replaced my old gtx 970 by a 2070 super, everything seemed great, until i fired up a game. When in game, i can hear a slight buzzing sound coming somewhere from my pc (I think from the middle). When I alt-tab out of the game, i do not hear the sound, but when I alt-tab back into the game, I can hear it once again. Because the 2070 super has a semi-passive cooling design, the fans only start spinning when needed. But I can hear the sound just 1 second before the fans start spinning again.

I think it probably has something to do with either my Graphics card, my psu (I have a 600 Watt psu, which maybe could be a problem) or my ram (because it shows that I have 10,9 Gb available, but I have 16 Gb of ddr4 memory in my system).

Maybe it also has to do something with Wattage, because the gpu maybe needs more watt when ingame. It also maybe could be something called ''Coil Whine'', but im just not sure. I also use (white) psu extension cables.

If anyone knows a fix, has a tip for me, or knows where the sound is coming from, please let me know, my full system specs are here:


Vic 40

Could well be, it's not the psu i would use with a RTX 2070. Try to make sure it is the psu, if so might it be a good time to get soemthing better. The coil whine doesn't mean that a psu is bad, but with a lower end psu like that would i nevertheless not be happy with it.