Question Weird display issue (KB4540673 related?)

Here's a weird one for you: As of today, my display is acting up. The best way to describe it is in certain modes, the bottom of my display is flickering out of position; eg, the bottom display seems to randomly move upward for a split second before returning to it's normal position. Nothing on the PC has changed since yesterday (PC was fine), and no updates have been installed to anything that I can notice.

What's odd is only certain games/modes seem to be affected. For example, the Windows desktop is perfectly fine, but the Windows logon screen is affected. Most of my games/apps are unaffected, but a handful show the problem.

The problem doesn't appear affected by resolution/refresh rate; I normally run 4k60 but tried 1080p with no change in behavior.

I updated to latest NVIDIA drivers, no change in behavior.

PC config is in my sig. Windows version is Win10 x64 v1909.
Update: I suspect the KB4540673 update is the issue; of course it didn't show in the normal update history, but if I go to the uninstall updates page, sure enough, it's there.

Problem is: It won't let me uninstall it.

So, anyone have a sure-fire way to remove bugged Windows updates?


Did a system restore to the 15th, but the first thing Windows did was install the damn update again. And it failed to remove again. Did the restore a second time, but failed to get into safemode and the same result occured. Worse, my restore point is now gone.

So what I think I need is a sure-fire way to remove this blasted update.
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