Question Weird display issue on HP laptop

Oct 25, 2019
Okay, I've been Google searching around for months and tried many fixes to no avail, so I made an account here. I was given a school laptop, an HP probook 450 G5. About a month or so I I came across an issue with the display.

The computer will turn on, but no display will come out. The screen remains black, but turns on. If I connect it to an external display, I do get video output, but here is where it gets weird. Navigating into display settings shows that the only detected display is the external display, and when I connect any external display, windows makes the sound as if the display is being unplugged rather than plugged in. Very occasionally, the screen will begin working again until either the laptop goes into sleep /hibernate or I shut it down. Not even the HP logo shows when I boot it up, and I have no way of accessing BIOS unless I'm on an external display.

I've tried a couple of fixes suggested by this community and other sites including:
BIOS update, graphics driver updates/rollback, windows updates, reinstalling windows, hard resets, using the windows shortcut to restart the graphics driver, reseting RAM and hard drive. I have not tried removing the battery, as it would require opening the laptop more than I'm willing considering the warranty.

Oddly enough, when I boot a Linux image either through USB or dual - booting, the screen will come on every time. I understand I still have a warranty on the laptop, but I've got a lot of VMs and other programs set up on it that would take a long time to reinstall considering my lack of a good backup drive. Also, the time it would take to ship to hp would leave me far behind in my classes.

Any advice? I've searched the forums for similar screen issues and tried the fixes mentioned, but sadly nothing has worked.