Question Weird display issue with TV + PC (not even sure if this is the right place to ask)

Apr 29, 2021
So basically what happens is this: PC is in the living room hooked up to TV via HDMI. Both work fine together, was on all day yesterday with no issues. HOWEVER, in the event the TV is turned OFF, (PC is left on) and someone later returns and turns the TV on it will say "No Signal" and blue screen. Turning the TV off and on does not appear to resolve, nor switching the HDMI port or cycling thru the HDMI displays within the menu. The only "fix" atm is to turn off the PC (which makes no sense it's on the whole time) and turn the PC back on and NOW the display is picked up by the TV. I don't like the idea of powering off the PC every time so hoping for some insight here and maybe understand why its happening, thanks.
there shouldn't be any incompatibility with your system devices, like too much power draw or anything similar.

it may be an issue with the GPU malfunctioning when detecting devices.
first i would try a reinstall of all GPU related software\settings.
run DDU in safe mode and remove everything graphics related.
then reinstall the latest Adrenaline package directly from AMD.

if the issue persists;
i would just go ahead with a fresh OS install and reinstall of all the latest system\device drivers.