Question Weird display issue

Jan 24, 2022
Hi everyone ūüĖź

I am building a desktop computer for my father-in-law.

To this I am using my old MSI Z77-GD65 motherboard which I had been using for years until a few months ago, when I upgraded my own system.
The CPU is also the one I had been using with the motherboard, an Intel i7-2600k.
Using the same nem units: 2x4 GB Kingston HyperX Savage.
Using the old SSD: Samsung 840 pro 120 GB
I bought a new EVGA 500 W2 psu a new case and a case fan.

I cleaned the CPU surface and put new grease on it.

BIOS firmware is the latest 10.11

So here is what's weird:
At first I didn't install a graphics card as I wanted to use the one built into the CPU.
Turned on the computer but instead of the normal boot sequence a blue (ish) screen appeared on the monitor. No matter if I used HDMI or DVI.
Restarted the machine couple of times but same result.
I quickly installed my current Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 but everything was the same.
I started playing with the monitor cables and plugged in both the DVI and the HDMI cables but into two different monitors and viol√°, There was a normal picture on the one connected with the HDMI cable.
I went back and tried the same scenario using only the built in graphics. Same result.

Any of you has an idea what is going on and how could I fix this so there is a normal screen on the monitor using only one cable?

Thanks in advance!