Question Weird distortion in the middle of the screen

May 13, 2023
Hey there,
Lenovo Slim i7, 14AP7, model 82SX0002US (Intel i7-1260P, Iris XE 96EU). 2.8K (2880x1800) 90Hz.

Recently I've noticed an odd artefact on my screen: sometimes I see these reddish-greenish lines near random objects on my screen. It's especially noticeable between the words either in documents or movies. Once I move the cursor near those lines, some of them disappear. And reappear when I move the cursor away. The problem doesn't occur all the time: when I browse or type something in Google Docs, it seems perfectly alright (apart from comments in Google Docs -- for some reason they're also sometimes affected); It mostly happens when I play Fallout 4 (subtitles only) or watch videos (both youtube and mediaplayer).

As far as I understand, it doesn't appear on the entire screen, but on the middle, central third of the screen. Idk, hope somebody knows what's going on.

Btw, I have calibrated the color profile of the screen (downloaded from notebookcheck). But reversing it to the standard profile yielded no results(

Photo of the screen (you can see it clearly after "say" and "all")

PS sorry for the pic. Screenshot appears normal so I had to capture it with a camera.