Question (WEIRD) Download speeds for Steam stuttering, not using full gigabyte connection

Feb 11, 2022
So my Steam downloads are taking forever and keep jumping the speed around like crazy. So far, I have cleared my Steam DL cache, changed DL servers, uncapped DL bandwidth, tested my external SSD for read/write speeds, set the priority of Steam in task manager, and have even gone as far as reinstalling steam. Another issue is that pre-allocating downloads usually takes ~20-30 minutes, so I'm assuming that Steam is having an issue with R/W to my SSD. What makes this problem even weirder is that I have multiple CODs on the same external SSD and through the Blizzard launcher, they will download massive updates at ~60-80 MB/s consistently, while steam usually ends up DLing around 5 MB/s (I have a wired gigabit connection). ALSO, when the download first starts, for about 2 minutes, the download speed will be normal (60-80 MB/s) and then DROP to under 10 MB/s for the remainder of the download, even stopping completely, jumping back to around 30 MB/s, then dropping back down. My SSD is capable of 560 MB/s r/w (TESTED!), and Steam uses just 3-5 MB/s of that as well.