Question Weird Driver Issue

Apr 20, 2021
My mouse and keyboard suddenly started twitching out. I may have triggered it with a battery slipping out of the mouse, that's when it happened.
After the mouse turned off, no mouse would be recognized by the system. I plug in a few mouses and the red light doesn't come on the mouse, infrared.
Then my keyboard craps out, too. Fortunately one started working, then both then got logged in and it's now ok. Last time the keyboard stopped working
and I had to reboot. I just want to make sure not to have a glitch that will stop me in my tracks when I'm working or surfing. I tried looking for the right
driver downloads but actually wasn't sure which category to get, there was no mouse and keyboard driver section by Acer but there's LAN and chipset,
motherboard, etc. Is there some other way to deal? Maybe it will just work from now no problem.


Win 10 Master
Is this an Acer laptop or desktop? What model is it?

mice/keyboards, if they don't have their own software, should be handed by windows. So its not unusual for there not to be anything on the Acer site, if its not a laptop. Laptops may have keyboard & trackpad drivers.

Do you want some help finding right drivers?

Can you download and run Driverview -

All it does is looks at drivers installed; it won't install any (this is intentional as 3rd party driver updaters often get it wrong)

When you run it, go into view tab and set it to hide all Microsoft drivers, will make list shorter.

Now its up to you, you can look through the drivers and try to find old drivers, or you can take a screenshot from (and including)Driver name to (and including)Creation date.

upload it to an image sharing website and show link here (site such as imgur)

All I would do is look at driver versions (or dates if you lucky to have any) to see what might have newer versions.