Question Weird Error running Dual Channel cause BSOD (atikmpag.sys) with Athlon 200GE, Panther 4G/3000

Nov 17, 2018
Hello, just build my first PC and I ran into some problems. Can you guys check it out? been trying hard these couple of days to get to know what have went wrong! It's a little bit long, sorry!

Computer type: Desktop, custom build.

GPU: APU Vega 3

CPU: Athlon 200GE with Vega 3 graphic

Motherboard: Gigabyte GAX370m-DS3H (BIOS F24)

RAM: Apacer DDR4 Panther 4G x 2 (bus 3000 - running at 2133), 2 sticks. A2-B2 position. No XMP profile. BIOS detect all 8G (2G dedicate for the APU - about 6G left) (16-18-18-38)

PSU: Seasonic Focus Plus 550W

OS: Windows 10 (ver.1709)

GPU Driver: I install the chipset driver from gigabyte site: version

Chipset Driver: above ^

Background Applications: Gigabyte App Center

Decription of Original Problem: It's a new PC. I fresh install windows 10 (1809), run it fine the first time booted up with Microsoft Basic Graphic Driver. After the installation of chipset driver wich cause BSOD every time turning the PC on


-Remove all AMD setting with DDU

-Install the lastest driver (Andrenaline 19.1.1) > It didn't work

-Continute Remove all AMD graphic setting

-Try out multiple Driver from 18.5 to 19.1 > still crash, BSOD atikmpag.sys right after I booted up, some time even when windows is loading

-Try to change the name atikm(p/d).sys to ".sys.old - there is a hiccup, windows doesn't let me do it (always ask for premission)

^Solution: change the security premission to EVERYONE (full control) - didn't work

-Try EXPAND.exe 2 files found in C/AMD - didn't work and I can't replace them agains those in systems 32 - give up



-Install windows 10 (1709)

-Try all the step above - Didn't flsadjaosaskjnxzclvkjwe work!!!!

-Remove 1 RAM stick - it work (?)


-Put the other RAM stick back - BSOD

-Download Speccy, CPU-z (AMD version found on Gigabyte website)

SPECCY: Recognize everything BUT ram???

+When 2 stick are seated it recognize the capacity of the RAM. CAS: 16-16-16-38 (Real RAM CAS: 16-18-18-38), around 6G available, belive the 2G is for the APU to run

SPD: 0

CPU-z said just over 6G of RAM. nothing else. no SPD, no nothing, nothing.................

Easy tune from Gigabyte show the capacity of RAM with a small 0 right above the 6G


Remove one stick of RAM - Driver works great, smooth boot

Open Speccy: (will update for you guys later) Recognize 4G, with CAS 15-15-15-(?) < will update (forgot)

Haven't try CPU-z, Easytune yet.

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