Question Weird flashing or pulsing on monitor?

May 1, 2019
Ok, I am getting a really weird flashing or pulsing light in the background when I play certain games. It seems to only give me an issue on pixel style graphic games and on some Unity games. Or it could just be completely random, not sure. I would be fine until starting the game and then it would start pulsing and will continue to do it even after closing the game from then on forcing me to have to reset my pc. All of my drivers are up to date. I have tried changing my DP cable. I don't think it is my monitor or my video card. I don't know if it could be a directX problem or a runtime problem? I am clueless really and would love any advice or ideas to try and resolve this problem. Oh yeah. Also when it starts to flash or pulse my monitor refresh rate seems to tank as well... I had to record my monitor from my phone in order to show what it is doing because I don't think it would show up if I just recorded it from a program. I uploaded it to my Youtube. Here is the link