Question Weird font after "repairing pc"

Dec 26, 2018
So i was having problems with my computer and I downloaded "Pc repair tools 2018", it fixed my problems but made a new one, a font which I believe no one can read. I belive it's called "Marlett" now i can't change it back to arial or any other fonts, weird is it's not all the font, some font is normal, like websites, some windows texts. For example, when it says the date in the right bottom corner, it is in Marlett, i cant seem to delete the font, nor change it and i need help D:
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Assuming you have right licked on the desktop->personalize->fonts and selected something else have you tried to start your computer up in safe mode and see if the issue remains?

Past that I really don't know what to tell you. Running software like that is never advised and if you cant change the font back via the Personalize screen of windows something was seriously messed up either accidentally or deliberately. I would honestly just save whatever data you can then reformat and reinstall windows.


Yeah, Marlett font is basically what's used for some of the interface icons, like the icons for close and minimize on your browser. It points to a serious Windows issue. You already said you were having serious problems and now you've done some mystery actions on the mystery problem with mystery software. At this point, I'd recommend a full wipe of the hard drive and reinstall and then restore your important data from its backups.

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