Question Weird Frame Cap

Jun 11, 2020
Hey, so I just recently bought an Asus VP249QGR 23.8" on amazon. Its 1 ms and 144hz so when I found it for 160$ I kinda jumped on it. Its been a pretty decent monitor but I have been having two problems, one with the monitor and one with my system(maybe).

1. Sometimes the monitor randomly blacks out while I'm gaming or doing tasks on my computer. It doesn't happen often but all of a sudden the monitor goes black for around 2-3 seconds and then comes back up immediately with no flash to the manufacturer symbol like it just turned back on. I think it might have something to do with the task I'm doing because I almost never get the black outs while surfing the web, but when I loaded up hit film for a small editing project I think the monitor blacked out like 10 times in 2 minutes.

2. I used to run a 75hz panel before the 144hz one so before I didn't care if i got up to 144hz and didnt try to tweak my settings but now that I have it I noticed something weird. The first time I loaded up the monitor and used it I had to configure it for 144hz and then I tried it out and found that my system only put out around 100-120 fps in the games I normally played. After turning my settings down to low I got 0 frame increase, but I noticed while I played that my frames were actually capping at a steady 119-120. My system is somewhat mid tier and I definitely thought that it would be able to handle 144hz on low settings. I have all my graphics drivers updated and I've even tried overclocking in MSI afterburner but nothing increases my frame rate. In addition most of the time I achieve this frame rate my gpu and cpu usage is well below 100%.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could shine some light on either of these two pesky problems I have, thanks.