Question Weird GPU and TV connection issue, "mysterious" signal when TV is turned OFF

Nov 29, 2019
I have a weird situation with my GPU and TV.

My card (GTX1060) is connected to Monitor (detected as display no2 in Windows because of the GPU boot sequence DVI - HDMI - DP) and Samsung smart TV.

I use monitor as my "primary display" (it's at my work desk) and everything is fine while the TV is TURNED ON.

As soon as i turn the TV OFF, every few minutes I get that flash (black screen, on and off) on my monitor and "detect hardware" sound as if my GPU is detecting "new input" from the HDMI cable.

Picture comes back to my monitor is fine for a few minutes and then that sequence repeats.

If I turn my tv ON, or I disconnect the cable going to TV, "new hardware" sequence and screen flash are gone.

Any ideas?

My layman view is that it's either TV or GPU pushing some signal through the HDMI cable, and then the other end "answers".

Are there some AUTODETECT/WAKEUP thing that I should kill?