Question weird GPU problem .. is it damaged? how do i know?

Mar 18, 2020
earlier today launched a video game and my pc restarted and i there was like a plastic burning smell .. i didnt know exactly where it came from but i thought it came from the PSU so it turns out i had a very bad one for my current system, so bought a new 600W PSU ... and connected everything.. and it happened again and there was a burning smell again .. i kept looking for the source until i found ouyt that it was the PGU converter that i had to connect for my old PSU and i totally forgot to remove it when i got the new PSU.. now the GPU cable had some brown spots on one or two of the gold lead thing ... the converter is molten.
is there a way to know my PGU health now after i connected it with the PSU without a converter?
and should i do so or go visit the tech guy?
how do i know if it was damaged or not? (it's currently running at 36 temperature but i havent tested it while playing games because im a little worried it might happen again)
what should i do, im nervous as hell
and i'm sorry i could post a picture or make a proper thread with decent info .. i'm new to this website


Yea, this is a primary example of :

Don't use a sata/molex to PCIe adapters
Don't use an underpowered PSU for your system
If your PSU lacks the connectors required for your GPU, it isn't designed to handle your GPU.

What make and model of new PSU? What GPU?

If you are connecting the GPU with your new GPU without any adapters, just run a game and see what happens.