Question Weird GPU usage


Aug 18, 2020
Hi guys, i have rtx 2070 and nowdays im noticing some issues with this gpu. I started noticing that im having significaly lower fps than i should have. I checked gpu usage and when im in game its on 10%(far cry 5) and i have like 20 fps lower than average benchmarks but when i put game into windowed borderless my usage jump to 40% and game is feeling so much smoother. I dont know why its only on 40% when it should be around 99% from what i know. Another weird thing is that even when gpu is 10% of usage clocks are around 1850mhz and temps are 68C, its behaving like its working as it should but ingame it feels so much worse, only fix is borderless mode for some reason
So is there any fix to this? i tried reinstalling drivers, turned off vsync, even reinstalling windows and nothing helps. I dont want to play competetive games like apex legends in borderless mode because u can feel difference even when it fixes my fps.

Thanks for any help
(whole pc if someone need, r5 3600, rtx 2070, 16gb 3000mhz, 1tb m.2, rm650x corsair, b450 aorus elite and nothing is overheating


Use Task Manager and Resource Monitor to observe system performance.

Use both tools but only one at a time.

Determine what changes when fps drops.

Start by just observing after the system is booted. Move the tool window aside but leave the window open to watch.

Then do some light work, some online browsing, and lastly some games. Those games that feel smooth and then those games that do not.

Take your time and be methodical. It may take a bit of time and effort to learn/discover what to watch and look for.

Key is to discover what is using any given system resource, and to what extent ( % ) when performance/fps drops.

Could be some background task launching and trying update, backup, or simply "phone home".