Question Weird Graphical Issue - Any help appreciated!


Mar 27, 2014
Good evening,

I've had an issue occur today that I've never encountered before with which I could use some advice if possible please. Any assistance would be much appreciated as I'm stumped. This occurred whilst the my monitor (Dell S2716DG) connected to my desktop was on and I was doing nothing exciting (not touching any settings etc, just browsing the web).

Effectively, one side of my screen has ended up with far blurrier text than the other. So if I have an application/game on the left side of my monitor, details/text are rather difficult to read to the point of getting relatively illegible, but on the right side its relatively clear, like normal.

My desktop has caused no problems for a couple of years so I'm confused as to why this has happened.

The GPU (RTX 3070Ti) currently connects to my monitor via a DisplayPort cable.

Things I have tried:

- Changing to HDMI between the GPU and monitor solved the problem BUT I'm limited to 60Hz instead of 144Hz as it's an older monitor so not ideal
- Changing to HDMI from a laptop into the monitor works fine as normal without the problem
- Changing the port into which the DP cable plugs into the GPU makes no difference
- Changing the DP cable makes no difference
- The monitor has only one DP port so I can't test whether that's the problem
- I have checked screen scaling in Nvidia Control Panel and everything is native (1440p) as expected at 144Hz on DP
- Same for Windows display settings; nothing weird going on there
- I have restarted the computer a few times and this doesn't help. One thing that I may have noticed (not 100% sure) is that the flashing dash to the top-left of the monitor when it starts up appears to be just off the screen (possible that I'm being an idiot here). But again, when I check scaling etc. in the control panel/settings it all shows that everything is restricted to the monitor boundaries.

Again, this happened whilst I was doing nothing that I would expect could affect this.

Has anyone encountered this before? Is it a GPU issue? A monitor issue? Any thoughts appreciated; happy to provide further details if they'd help.