Weird Hardware Error on GW2


Sep 1, 2012
Okay guys so I have been posting here for about a week or at least lurking. Been looking at other people with low fps with good comps. Well today ANet replied to my ticket saying they are looking at the issue. I was quite happy about this. They sent me a reply to make sure all my stuff is up to date. So before I did that I wanted to load of guild wars 2 to see if my hardware issue detected was resolved. It was there again but this time it actually told me what was wrong. BUT it says I have a 2.0GHz processor. But in fact I have a 2.66ghz. Can someone please help me.

If anyone is interested I have had some insane FPS issues just like other people are having on GW2 even though they have good computers. But I was thinking my problem might be this.

Hi, yeah that looks strange and you'd have to take it up with anet, because it looks like the game isn't recognizing your hardware properly.

Do some checks, ie update your GPU drivers. Check device manager to make sure you don't have any conflicts/problems reported by windows.