Question Weird IHS and cooler scratches. Thermal paste?

Oct 24, 2019
So, i'm still waiting for my 10700K and Assassin III to be delivered, in the meantime i'll sell my Hyper 212 RGB as i already sold my mobo + ram. I had a MA610P and noticed something strange after removing it, the same i noticed in my 212 now, my already sold 8700 had some scratches on it's IHS and the copper base of the MA610P too, nothing to worry about and i just moved on. Now after i sold my Mobo + cpu and willing to sell my 212 i noticed the same thing, those weird scracthes at the bottom of the cooler, so after some research i just found out the possible problem, the thermal paste, specifically a Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. I don't want to scratch my brand new 10700K and Assassin III, should i just trash the thermal paste? I still can use it +- 2 times. Bought it september 05, 2019 and already did the certificate of origin thing. Should the Deepcool G15 (The one that comes with the Assassin III) perform similar?

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