Question Weird input lag

Apr 13, 2022
Hi everyone, i'm having an issue which is making me go crazy:
In every game/app i'm experiencing a slight input delay which makes it unplayable and frustrating. Even if FPS and ping are always ok i can always feel a delay between my mouse/keyboard clicks and the actual movement on display.
Here is what i tried:
-updating graphic drivers
-updating chipset drivers
-changing HDMI cable
-Cleaning the CPU fan (i don't have an external fan but till few days ago everything worked fine so i don't think it could be the problem)
-Resetting router
-Booting with one of the 2 rams
-Checking V-Sync off in my settings ( but i experience this problem even in stupid browser games which doesn't have V-sync, like haxball, for example)

What else can i try? Or what could the problem be in your opinion? Thank you!

These are my components: View:

Another weird thing that maybe could help is that sometimes my monitor goes black for few seconds then returns normal (especially when i have more programs open at the same time for example one game and one youtube video).
Apr 13, 2022
Yes it does occurr with only the game open and nothing in background. The system was working fine till one week ago and i didnt install anything new (and did an antivirus scan) so i kinda excluded it could be a RAM problem, is there any tool which i can use to know if my ram is having any issue? Or for example should i try to format the PC so i can exclude there is something in background which is using my ram?

Also, in the task manager i dont see any program using high ram ( besides the antivirus or, if i disable it, the windows defender), they both consume 100Mb RAM


Feb 24, 2016
Edit, i made a windows memory test, it says "no problems with RAM":(
Good luck finding a solution, I've had a similar (input lag) issue for around 3-4 years now and I've tried pretty much everything, from completely new hardware (everything!) to changes in the Bios, drivers, different versions of Windows, graphics options (Nvidia and AMD), removing peripherals then reinstalling, removing various bits of software, registry edits, Windows optimization techniques, uninstalling reinstalling mouse/keyboard drivers AND combinations of these things! and the list goes on. I've also checked the electricity grounding which is apparently fine. I've yet to look at EMI and power conditioning but I simply don't think that's going to work.

If I had to describe the problem, the mouse feels off like floaty at times and my mouse clicks don't always register and this is the same with the keyboard - if I am inputting multiple keystrokes at a time some will simply not register and well when playing games at a high level it just ruins the experience and as I said earlier I replaced all hardware and I'm basically using the best hardware money can buy RX6900XT AMD 5950X Great ram great M2 SSD and PSU is Corsair 1600X. It's unreal how much money and time I've spent on this and I can't even play old games because the animations and input are all slightly off.