Question Weird internet problems


Jan 13, 2019
I'll try to be as detailed as I can,since I have no idea how can this be:
3-4 days ago certain youtube videos wont play while other can (both on mobile and pc,stuck on buffering after like 5 seconds),
most of apps on google play take very long time to download and after that they stuck on 100% not installing.
Tried same videos and same apps on mobile data and it works then.I tested speed and everything is fine,latency and ping also good.
Been using this internet for second year now,no settings changed no nothing.Even now with problems I can play all multiplayer games Ive played before,download stuff from steam and so on.
I would contact my ISP but I dont know what to tell them honestly.
Pretty standard testing. Open a cmd window and leave a constant ping run to What you are looking for is very large latency over 100ms more... or packet loss.

You can also blindly try to disable IPv6 in the network settings on your pc. May or may not make any difference but you likely do not need IPv6 and it causes strange errors for people.