Jan 27, 2021
Hi there!

New to this forum and not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'll try!

Got a weird issue with booting. Basically, I have a 2 monitor setup. Both are connected to GPU (gtx 1070), one via DP (my main display) the other via HDMI. When i power on my pc, everything runs fine and my DP monitor even wakes. But then immediately it goes back to sleep (? it seems) before any POST or Bios stuff is shown. It then wakes back up and finally shows a picture at windows logon.

However, there are a few variations of this....
Without any real consistency, it either boots up normally, showing POST and stuff, does the above described, or doesnt show a picture at all. Only way i know im in windows is, that i can move my mouse cursor over on my other monitor which lets me know windows is booted. In this case, the only way i can get an image on my main monitor is to write my password in the blind, hit enter and hope to see windows taskbar on my 2nd monitor. Yay, im in windows. Now I right click desktop and select Display Settings. Then i WINKEY+rightarrow until the windows appears on 2nd monitor and then switch from "Extend these displays" to "Show only on 2" and click "Keep settings". Then I have to switch back to "Extend these displays" to 'wake up' my main monitor. This however is not enough. I have to quickly click "Revert back" (to show only on 2) and then quickly switch back to "Extend displays" once again before main monitor falls back to sleep. Only THEN does my main monitor wake fully and show an image, and everything works fine until i reboot or shutdown/turn back on (but only maybe). It seems like a lottery every time i power on my PC wether my monitor will work fully with POST and all, wont show post but work at windows logon, or not work at all until i do that weird 'trick'.

I just build a new system. ROG STRIX x570-e motherboard, Ryzen 7 3800xt, 32gb TridentZ ram and Seasonic PSU. No overclocking done to any components. Only thing which carried over from previous system is my GPU, which leads me to believe its the culprit somehow. I even had the same issues from time to time on my previous system.

PC is running fine mind you, but its extremely annoying and inconvenient. Makes it difficult to enter BIOS, and its such a hassle having to do that series of operations to get main monitor to show anything. Why even have fast boot when i have to waste a minute doing that hassle every time.

I have looked all over the internet trying to find answers, but nothing have worked for me. Heres a list of a few things i clearly remember doing:

Disabling fast boot in BIOS.
Disabling/enabling CSM in BIOS.
Various combinations of UEFI boot settings.
Updated GPU drivers.
Updated GPU firmware (the one for this exact issue it seems - didnt work however)
Switched monitor settings (Auto/manual input detect, DP version 1.1/1.2, Refresh rate, basically all available settings on monitor have been tested)
Swapped GPU to other PCI-e slot.
Swapped DP port on GPU. (there are 2)
Updating BIOS to latest (both previous and new system)
Reset CMOS.
Have probably attempted more fixed i cant remember.

The ONLY way i can reliably get POST and bios to show on ANY monitor is to disconnect DP from GPU. Then everything shows perfectly normal on 2nd monitor on HDMI. But only if DP is disconnected.

A weird thing i found was, that if i shutdown PC and kill the power on the wall outlet for 10 sec (for both PC and monitor (basically my entire office)) and switch it back on, then power on PC, my main monitor usually shows POST and bios fine. But only first time, and not after reboot.

Im honestly baffled by this issue, as it seems kinda weird that GPU would be damaged, or my cable is damaged or even the monitor, since it clearly works just fine, but only sometimes! And without any consistency as to when.

It feels like i've tried everything to resolve this, but nothing works. Therefore im hoping someone in here might have an idea i havent thought of or found anywhere. I feel lost! And I cant even buy a new RTX3xxx card, as they seemingly dont exist.

Apologies for the wall of text. I sincerely hope for a solution!
Please let me know if i forgot to mention something crucial - im kinda new to asking for help like this :)
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