Question Weird issue with GPU fans stopping completely when using remote desktop software like Anydesk/Teamviewer


Apr 19, 2006
The fans will suddenly stop and appear as N/A in all monitoring software including AMD Adrenaline and can not be forced to restart with a custom profile. The issue will continue even if rebooting the PC, only a shutdown + power on will fix the issue.
The fans will never stop while running a videogame for example or under medium/heavy load, and no OC is applied.

If i create a custom profile for the fans (to never be on 0 RPM), the issue will not happen instantly when connecting with a remote desktop app, but be rather random after a few connects/disconnects.

As an extra note, the GPU logo LEDs also turns off when this issue occurs. The drivers do not seem to be crashing, they are up to date, the whole system is stable without crashes, it started a few months ago on W10 and still happens on W11.

Specs: AMD R5 2600, AMD RX 5500XT, Gigabyte B450 Aorus M, Corsair TX650W
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cruck nova

May 5, 2020
from my experience the gpu fans only spin when there is a load on gpu and the temp is high than usual. at first even i was worried that gpu fan is not spinning on idle, but later learned that its a smart fan option in gpu to prevent the wearing out of the gpu fans