Question Weird issue with leaving PC plugged in

Jan 13, 2020
Alright, so I built my PC a few days ago. Everything seems to be running normally, but when I turn on my PC for the first time each day, the Arsenal Gaming screen shows up, then the window loading icon with the dots going in a circle, then nothing. The monitor loses signal from the PC, but the PC is still on (lights on the fan, motherboard, GPU, and liquid cooler are all still on, fans running, etc). Wiggling the mouse or using the keyboard does nothing. Pressing the power button also doesn't turn it off, so I turn off the PSU, wait 45 seconds, and then turn everything back on and it runs flawlessly. Any idea what the problem is?


When the computer is up and running, go into Task Manager and disable "Arsenal Gaming" from the Startup tab.

May not be readily apparent as "Arsenal Gaming" per se but look carefully and you should be able to discover the applicable name.

Do not start randomly disabling things - look for and research as necessary to find what is launching Arsenal Gaming.

Then always be sure to shut Windows down properly via the shutdown icon.

Doing so is necessary to allow Windows time to do some housecleaning and otherwise get set for the next startup.

Windows may also be finishing off some updates, etc. that will be interrupted and corrupted with a hard power shutdown via the switch.