Question Weird issue with motherboard/power button, it won't POST, fans are spinning

Zylar Adama

Apr 6, 2017
Hello! I have this weird issue with my motherboard that's making me pull my hair, any help would be greatly appreciated!

A few months ago my MOBO suddenly stopped working and it wouldn't power up no matter what i did, so i assumed the MOBO died and put it aside.

Recently i got curious and tried to power it up again and it still seemed dead, so i went on "screw it let's try random things, it's probably dead anyways" mode, and tried unplugging/plugging things like power SW cable and putting light pressure on different parts of the MOBO, then suddenly it powered on after touching and applying light pressure randomly around the part of the MOBO where the SW power pins are.

So when i manage to get that random power on, the fans start spinning normally but it doesn't POST and it's stuck there. The only way to power it off is by switching the PSU off, or by HOLDING the power button, but then immediately after release of the power button it powers back on! Unfortunately still no POST.

What could be causing this issue? Is there a chance that it's not the MOBO that is faulty, but the power button/pins/power SW cable? Thanks in advance for any insight!

Things i have tried: Different properly working PSU's, CPU's, batteries, RAM, unplugging everything and discharging the MOBO through power button, taking out GPU.

Motherboard model is : M5A97 LE R2.0


Can you please list all the parts used to troubleshoot your motherboard? You might need to source(borrow) a CH341A BIOS programmer, to see if your BIOS/BIOS chip has ended up corrupt. You could conversely use an eraser to wipe the gold contacts on your sticks(s) of ram, wipe clean and then reseat the stick(s) of ram into the board.