Question Weird issue with SpeedFan (Nuvoton microcontroller not detected)


Nov 8, 2018
So, I've been having issues with the Nuvoton chip stopping being detected by SpeedFan and locking my fan speed to what it was set when I opened it when I first boot my machine up.

Weird part is that it's perfectly detected when I first boot up my PC, but after some time, say, a few hours in to using it, the readings go all wonky on SpeedFan and read RPM as some insane RPM value (100k+ RPM) and is stuck there, not to mention the values to try and change the percentage of fan speed do absolutely nothing when I try and change them, being basically stuck. I've also tried reinstalling SpeedFan to no avail, this seems like a hardware issue.

Relaunching the SpeedFan program after it does throw the weird readings makes the Nuvoton chip completely undetectable (and thus making it impossible to try and fix the fan speed), in the Advanced settings it literally just disappears, only showing the readings of HDD and SSD temperatures.

My fan setup might be the cause of it, I have a Fractal Meshify 2 case which has a integrated fan hub, I've hooked up my 240mm AIO (Liquid Freezer II) to it and 5 more case fans, even though it does have the supplemental SATA power connected, it might not be enough as when I had the case fans connected to the motherboard directly on my old case, it didn't have these kinds of issues, at least none that I can recall.

Also, when I restart my PC, the Nuvoton chip shows up perfectly fine in SpeedFan. Until a certain amount of time passes again.