Weird issues and in need of a new system. What should I buy?


Jul 30, 2011
Greetings, I've been away from the community for a while. I'll be needing advice on what to do. I'll first provide my current system

i7 965 Extreme
Gigabyte EX58 Extreme
GTX 580
12 GB 1600 Mhz Corsair Vengeance

My issues:

I've been overclocking a lot regularly. I have no idea if the following issues are presented through that but they are very irritating and unsolvable.

- Hard disk issues: No matter what hard disk i use, i get very common issues with them. raids crash, writing speeds suffer a lot. a lot of random problems
- External device issues: A lot of the times external USB devices i try to use cause issues. they don't get recognized, sometimes they don't even power up. I installed multiple windows on multiple drives to check if they are software issues, but they are not. even in BIOS and boot up they are not visible most of the time. These devices work perfectly on my other desktop and my macbook pro.
- Internet connection issues: This is weird. I have 100 mbits connection.
Funny thing is the following: Same cables cat6, same router, same distance, same configurations, both new installation windows. one pc gets 94-95 mbits, the other gets 60-65 mbits. I plug my old ADSL, same thing. One gets 8mbits other gets 5-6 mbits. I download from steam on one machine, I get 1.9mbytes per second speed. The other one gets 6-5 mbytes per second. Even torrents maximize on different speeds all in favor of my other pc. Not my main pc. And it bothers me a lot.

I tried to change ethernet cards, bought new ones, switched cables, switched routers, switched even HDDs.

What i came to conclude is as long as I have my mobo and CPU there, my internet connection is slower than it has to be.

All of these random issues made me want to gather a new system.

Though I need advices on following.

My budget is around 1500$

and I need a new mobo, cpu (i'm thinking of keeping the rams since they are new)

how about sabertooth and 2600k? Is it stupid to go to 2600k from 965 extreme? should I wait for new processors to come? Is it worth selling my GTX580 for something better?

Thanks for your time and replies already.