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Question Weird jaggy, stuttery on one display

Jun 1, 2020
I have two monitors, it doesnt show on my second but only my first im bad at explaining but ill try my best.

ill also add, i had a power outage in my area my pc shut off so i had to restore it because i couldnt get it to boot, its fine now other then this issue.

really noticeable with movement, open a program can also notice like a stutter.

its like detail is stuttery/jaggy/laggy.

its noticeable on text if i move the window

checked the hz its at 75, which is max for this monitor even went to 60 still does it.

Tried updated drivers

Changed cables

monitor is Asus VP248QG

ill try my best to tell anything else anyone has to ask as again im super bad at explaining

Tested on laptop, same thing shows up so it much be a monitor setting? i didn't touch the settings so could the power outage reset or screwed the monitor up?
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