Question Weird low rattle/noise sound on Asus ROG Strix 2070 Super. Is this normal?


Jan 8, 2014
My GPU is only 1 month old. It makes a weird low grinding/rattle sound for a quick second when I turn on the PC and puts the fans to max levels but then goes away once the fans are in stable speeds. Also the same weird noise when I turn off the PC and the fans stops spinning. It wasn't like this when I first got the GPU

Upon further testing, when I set the fans manually from 20% and jump it to 60% or more, the same weird sound can be heard. More evident on the middle fan I don't hear the weird sound when the GPU is in vertical position but my setup is in horizontal.

I need to know if this is normal or could this be an early symptom of fans going bad overtime. The GPU is still in return period and I'll have it replaced if needed. Thanks!

Here's a video. I hope you can hear it:



It sounds like a cable or something like that, is touching one or more fans while it spins. If it's not a cable then it's a part of the plastics near the fans. Maybe a fan has a slight bent? If it's a cable is very easily solvable, if it's something else then I would RMA.
Aug 9, 2020
Hey so might be a bit late on this but was having same issue with Asus RTX 2070 super OC. Was searching around forums with no result but at the same time did not want to RMA it.

What fixed it for me was doing the OC scanner in the GPU tweek II and a BIOS update. For some reason after I did that not a single time heard the annoying rattling noise. I belive it was the fan curve it set that fixed it.
First dot on 50/50 second on 80temp 100power.

Hope this will fix it for ya'll too