[SOLVED] Weird MSI Bios problem

Jan 20, 2019
hey guys, first post here so if there's anything wrong with my post and or if i break any rules i apologize

so here goes, i'm having 2 slightly annoying problems with my motherboard which is MSI H81M-E33

- the first one being i don't have access to cpu voltage control in the bios, i mean there are no options at all regarding cpu voltage, and it should be there
here's a picture to show what i'm talking about

as you can see, there should be options to control the cpu voltage in this motherboard
but mine doesn't have the options from VCCIN Voltage down to CPU Ring Voltage
and i'm using the same bios number as the one in the picture
even though i'm not using the same processor but still, it should be there, right?

and then i thought, "maybe if i just update the bios" which brings me to my second problem

- i can't update the bios
i'm using m-flash to do this with a healthy flash drive and a fresh bios file from MSI website
what i mean by this is when i did the last step in bios update option, it just sits there doing nothing, no progress bar (which it should), no warning sign, can't move the mouse, nada, nothing, zilt
i thought maybe it take a while for the progress bar to show up, but naaah
waited for an hour and it still doing nothing
try clearing CMOS. nothing
hit the reset button and it boots normally like nothing happen
i try 3 different bios file version but it still wouldn't budge

there is nothing wrong with it really, it runs perfectly normal no other symptoms other than those 2
i've been using it for 4 years now, bought it new in 2015
it's just weird

thanks in advance for any kind of response or answer

rest of my systems
cpu : Pentium G3240
motherboard : above
ram : 2 sticks of 4gb dimm
gpu : radeon hd 7730


Jan 22, 2009
I don't understand your problem, there is no correlation between what you're saying and what the image show.

For me, it appears as you have access to all settings, but they're disabled because several main settings is at auto.
Jan 20, 2019

the image shows someone else's board which happens to be the same one as i have, with the same bios version
and it shows that he does have this following settings in his motherboard :

- VCCIN Voltage
- CPU Core Voltage Mode
- CPU Core Voltage
- CPU Ring Voltage Mode
- CPU Ring Voltage

in my board, those settings doesn't exist
which is weird considering it's the same board with the same bios version albeit i'm using a different processor
sorry for the confusion
Jan 20, 2019

ahh that made sense,
but aren't those 2 processor differs only in clock speed and unlocked multiplier?
sorry if i sound too pushy