Question Weird network issue ?

Sep 25, 2021
Hi, i don't understand what happen with my network.

i used mikrotik hAP lite, it happen after i restart my pc this afternoon.

PC > router slot 2 = not connect, no led on
PC > router slot 4 = connected
Modem/WAN > router slot 2 = connected
AP > router slot 2 = connected
PC > router slot 2 using another cable = connected

my pc is new build 3 days ago, i used asrock b560m pro4, i3 10105f,
i tried to reinstall driver but still no luck.
So a different cable work?

That pretty much proves the cable is defective. Would be nice if cable just went completely dead when they were bad but what happens many times is they work on some combination of machines but not others. Some devices are more tolerant of cable that are slightly out of spec.

There is nothing you can change in the pc to affect this type of stuff. This is done by the hardware in the ethernet port, it does no even use drivers it is all done in hardware. So if it is not the cable the only other option is a bad port which can't really be fixed.