Question Weird noise coming from motherboard (chipset fan I think) as soon as I start gaming

Aug 13, 2022
At first I thought it was my gpu but then I realized the sound is actually coming from my motherboard. And it only happens when i’m playing something. If i’m watching youtube or just doing anything else but gaming it doesn’t happen. But as soon as I start playing something, literally anything, it starts making the noise. It’s not loud, I can’t even hear it when I have my headphones on. I watched some videos on youtube and it’s nowhere near as loud as some of the other pcs that had a similar problem. And that makes me think that maybe it’s just normal. But it’s still a bit annoying. If i’m not wrong, the sound is coming from the chipset fan. So should I replace it or is there anything I could do in the BIOS settings or something else? My motherboard is Asrock X570 Phantom gaming 4. I’ve also had some problems with temperatures and I was wondering if this could be the reason why they are so high sometimes. And i’m pretty new to computers if u couldn’t tell already.
motherboard is Asrock X570 Phantom gaming 4
included your complete system specs with the make & model of all components,
plus idle and max temperatures(while gaming and/or benchmarking).
If i’m not wrong, the sound is coming from the chipset fan.
if you can get to it;
try stopping the fan while the noise is being produced by gently applying pressure to the center until it stops.

if the noise also stops then you know it is the culprit.

the AsRock motherboard control software should have an option to control the chipset fan's speed based on temperature or even a static setting.
if so, try limiting it to ~60%.