Question weird noise from my new Sapphire RX 5700XT Pulse

Feb 3, 2020
Hello guys,

I completed my first ever build on Saturday and everything has been running fine except one thing.

My graphics card keeps on making a weird noise (I would describe the sound as fans starting to spin and after 2 seconds slowing down- that would be more like the frequency of the noise and how it changes than the actual sound of it).
This noise is present even when the card is idle in windows desktop (0% utilization and 0 RPM if the fans according to the AMD software) and does not get louder when gaming. The volume of the noise stays the same. (sorry i guess i can't describe it any better) so I think that isn't a coil whine.

I tried booting the system with the graphics card taken out and no such noise was present.

Here's the record:

I get normal fps in games (only 2 black screens so far :D) so the performance seems to be okay.

If I'm missing any helpful informations here, please let me know I will post them as soon as possible.

Is there anything to be afraid of or am I just stressing out? I still have like 10 days to return the card without any reason.

the card is running on out of the box speeds.

My system specs:

b450 tomahawk max
ryzen 5 3600
hyperx fury 16gb 3200 mhz dual channel
adata su650 240gb
crucial p1 1tb
rx 5700xt sapphire pulse
corsair tx550m 550w PSU
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Sep 25, 2017
Im at work right now so i cant listen to the audio but i think the sound you are talking about is coil whine, if the card has coilwhine while idle in windows, i suggest RMAing the card.

Coil whine is normal with higher end cards but not to that extent.