Question Weird not responding after opening Google Chrome? Windows 10 PC

Jude Albania

Apr 3, 2014
Hello guys, I have this weird problem with my system unit.

The scenario is every time my internet connection is going slow while browsing mostly FB and Gmail, that is the time I reopen my browser (Google Chrome). And sometimes it solves the slow internet speed after reopening it, but most of the time the browser will not open and my PC will start to "not respond" CMD is working for a few minutes but will freeze eventually.

NOTE: I reinstalled my OS because I thought that will solve the problem but it doesn't.
I am using Windows 10 Build 18363.

Here is the recorded video of my system unit's problem

My PC Specs:
1yr 6mos old components.

Ryzen 3 2200g (Stock CPU cooler)
TForce 2x4gb 2666hz
Asus Prime 350M-A
MSI GTX 1050ti (Up to date)
Blue WD 1TB (Primary OS / Goodhealth)
SSD 120gb (Games / Goodhealth)

I tried to do :
  • installing fresh OS Windows 10 Pro KMS activated got my copy in Legit forum.
  • Reinstalling my CPU, Ram, GPU, HDD, and SSD.

What I did after a clean installation of Windows 10 Pro:
Installed an updated GPU driver.
- Installed Origin for my game to run
  • Installed Bitdefender
  • Installed Windows Update the day after clean OS installation.
  • Disabled the Windows Update.
  • Uninstalled some bloatware from Windows 10.
Thank you in advance for those people who will comment and help me.