Question Weird PC Build SATA and PATA Question

Jan 4, 2021
So I've done a ton of research and can't come up with a good solution. My son and I are going to begin a project building a PC using an old HP 725n. This was a computer I'm attached to from way back when. I will list the new components at the bottom. Basically we want to keep the optical drives, old hdd, floppy and possibly card reader and a couple of fans for extra cooling working. These of course are PATA/IDE except for card reader/fans. Is there a way to add a PATA port to keep lets say 4 drives running off of a PATA while still having a SATA mobo? Even if I have to use an USB port and run it back through the PC. I know there are single adaptors but that seems a little much to run a SATA adaptor to each drive and have room for current drives. This project is for fun and learning so the new PC specs I understand will only be average at best.
New components are: Intel DQ67SW MOBO, i5 2500 CPU, 650 Watt ATX PS, 8 G ddr3, 500 GB Western DIgital SATA HDD, XFX Radeon R7240 2gb Graphics. Cooling fans on new CPU and GPU were included. All of these parts I picked up super cheap and seems like it would be an average first build for my son. In addition all components on old PC are in working order. Any ideas on this build would be great even if it doesn't exactly pertain to the question. TIA!
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Make and model of the 650W PSU? You could look into adapters like these that essentially pair the SATA end to a PATA/IDE cable/port on the drive. IMHO, I think you're better off just picking up storage and optical drives that are SAAT driven since you're only going to loose performance trying to work with IDE drives.

In fact, they look the same on the outside, it's only the back end that lacks the IDE and molex connectors.

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