Question Weird/poor sound quality in csgo

Answer: yes

Mar 16, 2021
Hi. I got a new headset, and as the title says the Sound isnt the best. On yt and other platforms it works fine. In csgo it sounds like the headset isnt fully pluged in( it is). Some guns, for example the deagle sound fully different. On my old 20-30 eu headset everything was fine, and on my new logitech g335 sounds weird. Any help would be useful.


Well, that is going to be subjective. Every headset is going to have different audio qualities.

You might have to play with the mixers and/or mess with your sound settings in more detail to get the desired results. It could be that your previous headset was getting overblown by the louder/low frequency sounds and the new ones can handle it and give you a better sound floor. Hard to say.