Question Weird power issue, have to unplug PC, Brand new build


Feb 1, 2011
Brand new PC is powering off when attempting to resume from sleep. When my PC goes to sleep I have to push the power button to get it to wake up. When I press the power button it powers off. This problem is intermittent, at times it wakes up correctly. If it is left in sleep for an extended time that’s when I get this to happen more often. Secondly, after it does this shutdown from sleep it becomes unresponsive to the power button, I have to either unplug or turn the PSU off then on to get it to turn back on.

An even more mysterious problem, if I shut the PC off and leave it off for an extended time (2-3days) when I come back to use it it is unresponsive to the power button. I again have to unplug the power supply from the wall outlet before it will power back on.

The problems persisted with:
Windows 11 and 10
Tried swapping the reset button with the power button on the mobo pin out
Tried two different brand new power supplies

System specs:
Windows 10 pro
MSI Z690 edge wifi ddr4 (latest bios)
GTX 3080
32gb 3200mhz ddr 4, 4x8gb
PSU 1000watt EVGA (also tried an 850watt corsair)

Seems like it's my motherboard, any suggestions? I'm running out of hair to pull out!