Question Weird power issue with B85Pro Gamer


Feb 8, 2012
I have a friend who had an issue when he turns the unit on that it turns on then turns off immediately without any display on. He bought a new silverstone 600w powersupply thinking that it was the issue, but still the symptom remain the same. It showed one of those typical issues when the processor usually dies out(he has an i3-4170).

So first I took his i3-4170 and plopped it into my B85M-G at home because I too have an 1150 socket. It did not post, so I concluded that the processor was the issue so he bought an i7-4770. When I set up his i7-4770+B85Pro Gamer here at the office(he sent the entire unit here for me to check on) it showed the same symptoms but strangely enough when I brought the mobo+processor home, it posted! At first I thought its because I have an AVR, brought the AVR at the office and it still showed the symptoms.

To summarize:
-At the office/friend's home:
i7+mobo+corsair 650w psu combo = fails to post
i3+mobo+corsair 650w psu combo = fails to post
i7+mobo+silverstone(his personal) 600w psu combo = fails to post
i3+mobo+silverstone(his personal) 600w psu combo = fails to post
i7+mobo+coolermaster powerplus 500w combo = fails to post
i3+mobo+coolermaster powerplus 500w combo = fails to post
i7+mobo+silverstone(office psu) 600w combo = fails to post
i3+mobo+silverstone(office psu) 600w combo = fails to post
-At my home:
i7+mobo+coolermaster powerplus 500w combo = posts
i3+mobo+coolermaster powerplus 500w combo = posts

Take note, this coolermaster PSU that I have at home was frankensteined and pushing off less power than it did during its prime. I just wanna ask help from the community, is this a power issue on our office? The symptom itself occurs here at the office and at his home but weirdly enough, does not at my home.
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