Question Weird powerdraw and other problems with new system (or the odyssey of building a new system) ?

Jan 3, 2023

A month ago my PC died so I gotmyself a Ryzen 7600x with a Peerless Assassin 120 cooler, a MSI Pro B650-p WIFI, and two 16GB 6000Mhz Vengeance RGB DDR5 DIMMs and a Pure Power 11 FM 850W. I kept my R9 290 for now because of the ridiculous prices and it still works fine enough for me. At the beginning there were also two SSD´s and a HDD.
It seems to be working fine now, but I encountered behaviours which I am curious if there is an explanation for. An easy one please, since I don´t know that much about that stuff :)

So, once I got the parts, I assembled them and it ran. I used an old SSD with Windows 10 and didn´t reinstall it. I installed the new drivers though. I noticed the CPU fans turning pretty high from time to time, even if I was just watching videos. I heard about Eco-Mode and tried to set it up with Ryzen Master, which wouldn´t start. There would be a process in the taskmanager but that´s it. I couldn´t even uninstall it. I tried deleting the installfolder, but that didn´t work out either.
Then I needed my Boot SSD for another PC and made a clean install of windows 10 on my second SSD. I installed the drivers with the auto detect programm from amd as well as Ryzen Master, but it didn´t show an Eco-Mode. I wondered if I got all drivers I needed and installed the newest Chipset, GPU and CPU drivers manually again... and Ryzen Master stopped working completely again. So I tried to set it in the BIOS, but again, in AMD Overclocking there was no choice for Eco-Mode nor Thermal Point. In AMD CBS there were TDP, PPT and Thermal Control which could be set to manual, but the new option that unlockt had only an Auto setting. That was the original BIOS Version E7D78AMS.100.
Then I got the info that my PC could be updated to Windows 11. So I thought, why not try that. Maybe the old drivers would be cleanly removed and I could install the new drivers for Windows 11. Didn´t work out. And to top it off, now I started to have new Problems. Games would run really slowly and the PC would freeze, in games and on Desktop, for several seconds before the AMD Bugreport-Tool said that there is a problem with display drivers. Restarts would cause thread stuck in device driver BSODs. Booting wasn´t fast to begin with, but by that point it took way too long and most of the times I would have to use the Mainboard HDMI-Port because there would be no signal over the GPU. The Legacy Drivers for R9 290 are for Windows 10, but as far as I know, they should work for 11 aswell.
Before I looked up how to fix that, I wanted to see if I could get the CPU Temp and Powerdraw down. Since Master wouldn´t work, I updated the BIOS. That got me the options I needed. I set it to the 65W preset, but I noticed the coolers were still turning way loud from time to time. So I checkt it out with CoreTemp and Heavy Load.

Eco-Mode Idle: 45°C, 28W, 0% Load
Eco-Mode Download: 77°C, 89W, 1Core 37% Load the others 0 or low single digit
Eco-Mode Heavy Load: 65°C, 90W, 100% Load

I did a CMOS reset, formatted the SSD and reinstalled Windows 10. My heart fell when I got a AMD Bug report again and the first restart caused a thread stuck in device driver BSOD. Games would run terrible with just the original drivers too. When I installed the new drivers though, games ran smoothly again and I haven´t gotten a Bug report yet. And the CPU seems to run cooler now than before too.

Normal-Mode Idle: 37°C, 20W, 1% Load
Normal-Mode Download: 53°C, 39W, more equal Load over all Cores between 7 and 25%
Normal-Mode Heavy Load: 80°C, 95W, 100% Load

I haven´t used CPU Temp before setting Eco-Mode, but judging by the cooler noise, it ran about as well as in Eco-Mode. So its weird it´s running comparatively low now. Anyone else had weird powerdraw and Temperatures like that? I had XMP-Profile active before the last Windows 10 install. Could that influence it? And is Ryzen Master that fickle when it comes to drivers?
I don´t dare changing anything now since it seems to be running ^^
Would be interesting if anyone of you had similar experiences?
And sorry for writing a whole novel here ^^