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Question Weird "problem" with motherboard and psu


Feb 6, 2017
So i'll try to be as descriptive as i can.So i have EVGA 750 g3 it's like a year old something and also gigabyte gaming 3 motherboard. And they have been acting REALLY weird . So few weeks back i noticed my PSU has an eco mode and im woa what's this so i turned it on i thought it was gonna perform better or something. But then a cpu light on my motherboard the next to the pins for pw and reset and hdd light etc. are,and then my pc would not turn on properly like everything turns on except the motherboard so it's just like everything is shiny and spinning but the mb is not working (i know cuz it has some rgb) and also nothing pops up on the screen so after like 100000 of posts about resetin cmos holding the power button bla bla ,i remembered that today and i turned on the eco mode and not everything is working like a charm , wtf ?
Are my components failing ,i can provide any photo or anything need . Also everything is in warranty i could easily send it but need the pc ,i can't afford to lose it for a few weeks.
Any tips,advice or help is appreciated . :D