Question weird problem with stuttering and low fps

Jan 15, 2021
Hello. i'll list my specs at the bottom of the post.

Basically i've been running into these weird sutters while playing games like overwatch, my fps is pretty fine but theres a very annoying stutters and i noticed cpu usage is all the way up to 80% and idk if thats good or not.

Also in other games fps went pretty bad from avg of 110 to 40-60. So i decided to format my c drive and hope that it would get better. While yes the fps did get better but the stuters are getting worse and i really dont know what to do.

I tried the following:

  • making power plan high performance.
  • changing nvidia control panel global settings to best performance possible.
  • playing on lowest settings but still same fps.
  • turning on XMP on BIOS settings.
Now i dont know if theres a bottleneck or am i doing something wrong but i really dont know what what else to do.

my specs are as follows:

MB: Gigabyte b365m aorus elite
CPU: INTEL i5-9400F
RAM: TridentZ 16GB (2x8@3200MHz(MB only supports 2666 tho))
GPU: asus dual rtx2070s 8g evo
Storage: Lexar NM100 256GB
PSU: CoolerMaster 750w 80+ White

idk if im missing anything but that should be it hopefully :)