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Aug 5, 2017
Hey Guys,
I haven't installed anything new.

But all of a sudden, that little blue circle next to the mouse that shows the system is "processing" keeps flashing on and off.
I checked to see if anything odd was happening in the background recently as it only started a few hours ago and couldn't find anything.

Then I rolled back to three days ago and still the same.

I thought if I just reset and let my system sit it might not start up again, but it did start doing this about a minute after I get into Windows.

The only thing I did remove was RGB Fusion.

Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated, it also does not seem to be affecting the temp of the cpu so whatever it is, it doesn't seem to be putting a huge load on the cpu.



Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Look in Task Manager and Resource Monitor for some system related change that corresponds with the "processing" circle.

(And be sure check the Startup tab in Task Manager for any unexpected or unknown apps being launched. Google to find out what they may be.)

Use both tools but only one at a time. Open the tool, size the window, leave the window open, and drag to one side or another of the display in order to be able continually watch.

Work as normal Likely that you will see some change in the tool window when the "circle" appears.

Another tool that may help is Process Explorer (Microsoft, free).

If nothing is found via Task Manager and Resource Monitor then try Process Explorer.

Another place to look is Task Scheduler. Could be something running that triggers the "processing circle".

No rush and no immediate reason to start changing things. Key is to discover the culprit.

Then fix it.
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Aug 5, 2017
Thanks for all that, I see under the Resource M. that AWCC.exe keeps popping up them disappearing seems to be the same time that little blue circle appears.
Seems like it has something to do with my Alienware monitor, so I am start by uninstalling that software and reinstalling.
I will keep checking.

Ten minutes now since I removed that software and not a single blink!!! thank you again!!!! the R.M. was a fantastic idea!!! Much Appreciated that!!