Question Weird PSU issue

Jul 12, 2019
A couple of months ago, i came home to a dead PSU. So i went out and bought a new one, installed it and everything has been fine since. Yesterday i came home and the same thing had happened again, so figuring i was just unlucky, i went out and bought a new EVGA 850 PSU (i way overkilled the wattage out of frustration). I went home, installed it, and it woudnt start. I was getting a minor click when i would reset the PSU (unplugging it entirely, and turning it on) but thats about the extent of the action. It is providing power to my mobo because the internal lights are on.

So, i started to troubleshoot it by removing components from the PSU and trying to start it without them. It powers on with just the PSU + mobo(/w ram) and CPU. When i tried to add the GPU to this, it did the same thing it did previously. It had a little click, then did nothing. So i figured it was a GPU issue, and id just replace that and we'd be good. But then i tried everything else aside from the GPU, and it powered on for about half a second and died. So now im kinda confused, because it could be the PSU has a bad rail or it could be something with the mobo. What do you guys think?