Weird RAM 1156

Jan 21, 2019
I just bought 1156 motherboard Asus maximus iii formula from ebay. When i installed ram i found some weird issues. I am using 2x4GB 2133 and 2x2GB 1333. At first i tried 2 & 4 slots (from cpu side to right) with 2x4GB as in motherboard documentation. BIOS found only 4GB and Windows said 4GB available, 4 hardware reserved. I tried to turn memory remapping off, but it only did worse. Then i tried different combinations of 2GB and 4GB, but always half was reserved. I ended up deciding that mem slots 1 & 2 are not working, while 3 & 4 do, without dual channel of course. But when i made 1 & 2 with 2x2 and 3 & 4 with 2x4 and cpu-z said that they were in dual channel. Windows shows 7/12gb available. How does it work? How did memory went on dual channel with not working slots? Or maybe they are working and it is just me done somehing wrong? And why windows still reserves 1 gb? If anyone knows please help me.

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